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Welcome to our StayFit family!

At StayFit, we aim to provide an approachable and friendly environment whereby everyone feels welcome, with friendly personal trainers who are there to listen to their clients and help them reach their goals the right way!

Through our goal-oriented approach, we aim to inspire people to take better care of their minds and bodies through educating and motivating our clients to maintain long-term sound health and well-being.

The time is now to have strong, healthy minds and bodies in order to combat stress and ill-health!

Charlotte Smith

Charlotte Smith

I am fully qualified level 3 personal trainer, level 2 swim coach, and a competitive athlete. I pride myself on practicing what I preach using endless research and self-preparation in order to ensure anyone that wants to make a positive change to there lifestyle is not alone!
I have adopted techniques over time to use strength training and bodybuilding to aid people's journey in weight loss and shaping. My belief being "It is not simply a sport it's a lifestyle that builds personality traits that can be transferred across all areas of life! It is not about just building a strong body but building a strong mind too!"
My goal as a trainer is to educate and help all ability's welcoming new athletes to the fitness world!


About Jonathan

I am a fully qualified personal trainer coming from a background of playing and coaching various sports at foundation through to elite level. With an underlining interest in the fitness aspects of sports performance my philosophy is to help building bodies to perform as well as they look! Whether you are looking to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle or gain an extra edge in sporting performance I can guide you through the process with a friendly, passionate and dedicated coaching style. I can help you reach your desired goals through various training methods including weight training, calisthenics, sports specific, HIIT, circuit training, bootcamps and more.

Elizabeth Watson

About Elizabeth Watson

As a dedicated Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist since 2002, I firmly believe that being fit and healthy is key in dealing with the stresses and pressures of modern everyday life. Building inner confidence and physical fitness ensures that we are able to deal with whatever obstacles and curveballs that life may throw at us. Sitting at a computer or driving all day is common for most people and often causes stiff and sore neck and shoulder muscles as well as back pain, or if you suffering from a sports related muscular injury, a deep tissue massage can alleviate these problems and as a qualified Sports Massage Therapist I can help treat you and advise you on how to overcome and avoid any future strains or sprains.
Training for me is a way of life and perhaps sometimes may be challenging but most importantly, give positive results and definitely make exercise fun.

Are you a level 3 personal trainer? Are you looking for new challenges? Please contact us at info@stayfitme.com to find out more information regarding joining our team