Elizabeth Watson

“I've had a horrible stressful day at work!… It's too hot to train! In fact it's too hot to do anything!!!… I'm feeling too tired and I have no energy!… I don't have time!… I just can't be bothered!”

We’ve all been there, I too suffer occasionally from these thoughts! 
For me the best solution is to get my kit on and do something. Even if it's only for 10 minutes doing some press ups and squats or even a brisk walk, okay maybe not in this Arabian heat but on a treadmill or a lovely air conditioned mall. I instantly feel so much more energized and lifts my mood immensely.
Sometimes the hardest part of training is actually getting the training shoes on and committing yourself to working out but in actual fact once you get going your body will start to release endorphins. These are hormones produced naturally in the body and can be triggered by vigorous aerobic exercise and weight training.
Endorphins trigger a positive feeling in the body known as “runners high” (you don't have to physically run in order to trigger it!) and will make you feel more positive and give you a more energised outlook on life.

What's more regular exercise is proven to: 
• Reduce stress 
• Ward off anxiety and depression 
• Boost self esteem 
• Fortify your immune system 
• Improve sleep 

So stop making excuses and get moving!

If you still don't want to go to the gym why not try my 20 minute no equipment workout you can do at home.