Charlotte Smith


Body dysmorphia is more common than people realise, how often do you see your reflection and love it, but are you really seeing your true reflection, or are you scrutinizing yourself with faults? Clients and friends will often say to me you can't complain you look great, but here is the truth, body dysmorphia blinds your vision of what others see, just because I'm a competitive athlete it doesn't mean I don't suffer these battles too! Body building has taught me (or is still teaching me) to appreciate myself in every phase, even though during build season (which is now) I feel like a house, my arms don't fit in t-shirts, I can only get jeans just above my knee! But I am learning to rejoice these moments because I am making a change! I do not write this seeking praise or for people to tell me no you look great! This is me explaining to you the severity of body dysmorphia. It is a disillusion of the mind, because we seek perfection! All I ask of you all is to stop and think of the changes you have made and celebrate them regularly, it is good to set new goals but don't forget to celebrate how far you have come! And if you have not yet started on the path to change, know that I am here with you to remind you of your greatness! Change the way you think don't think that a disillusioned mind means weakness....it takes a strong mind to actively strive to be better, but Most importantly always, always, ALWAYS LOVE YOURSELF!