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Welcome to StayFit LLC

Jonathan Gregory

The Stayfit Team would like to welcome everyone to our website. As part of our ambition in helping the people of Abu Dhabi get fit and healthy we are very pleased to be starting a weekly blog where we will share great tips and advice on all things health, wellness, fitness and diet, as well as some success stories from our personal training clients.


Can't be bothered training?

Elizabeth Watson

“I've had a horrible stressful day at work!… It's too hot to train! In fact it's too hot to do anything!!!… I'm feeling too tired and I have no energy!… I don't have time!… I just can't be bothered!”
We’ve all been there, I too suffer occasionally from these thoughts! For me the best solution is to get my kit on and do something.



Charlotte Smith

Body dysmorphia is more common than people realise, how often do you see your reflection and love it, but are you really seeing your true reflection, or are you scrutinizing yourself with faults..


To ice or not to ice?

Elizabeth Watson

“To ice or not to ice?…that is the question” As a qualified Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist with StayFit here in Abu Dhabi ..